2br 1ba King Fisher Tiny House and Plans!

The King Fisher house plan is a little over 500 square feet but still has the same character as The Great Escape house plan. With two bedrooms and one bathroom this is the perfect little house for a vacation getaway or for someone who wants to get back to basics. Activity area including kitchenette, table area and a few chairs and also a space for a wood stove. Rest area including shower, simple beds and bunk beds. Another benefit of living in a tiny home is that you simply won’t consume as much energy. Since there is less space to be heated/cooled this is a major plus and makes these homes very green in comparison with many larger ones.

This increase in popularity of tiny houses, and particularly the rapid increase in the number of both amateur and professional builders, has led to concerns regarding safety among tiny house professionals. In 2013, an Alliance of tiny house builders was formed to promote ethical business practices and offer guidelines for construction of tiny houses on wheels. This effort was carried on in 2015 by the American Tiny House Association. In 2015, the nonprofit American Tiny House Association was formed to promote the tiny house as a viable, formally acceptable dwelling option and to work with local government agencies to discuss zoning and coding regulations that can reduce the obstacles to tiny living.

Small houses may emphasize design over size, utilize dual purpose features and multi-functional furniture, and incorporate technological advances of space saving equipment and appliances. Vertical space optimization is also a common feature of small houses and apartments.

As small houses may be attractive as second homes or retirement houses, 2 out of five people are over 50, their increased utilization may lead to development of more land. People interested in building a small home can encounter institutional “discrimination” when building codes require minimum size well above the size of a small home. Also, neighbors may be hostile because they fear negative impacts on their property values. There has also been opposition based on this fact, due to concerns about increased taxes.

What to make of all the information? Does this type of tiny home thing really help? Some advice, worry about yourself more and less about your neighbors.

The end result of this is a genuinely higher quality of life. Whether you are looking for a tiny home, or you just want to live less large you can find homes under 2,500 square feet in the small house plan collection at the House Designers.

Basic Information

Bedrooms: 2

Bathrooms: 1.0

Garage: 0

Stories: 1


Height: 13' 2"

Depth: 30' 0"

Width: 18' 0"

Heated Living Space

Total Sq. Ft: 540

1st Floor: 540


Upper Ceiling Ft:

Main Ceiling Ft: 8'-2"

Framing Information

Framing: 2x4

Roof Framing: Truss

Garage Features


Lot Features

Suited for narrow lot

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