Adobe Tiny House? Oh yes!

There's no official or agreed size limit to a tiny house and size isn't even the only factor. In my book a tiny house is a house that is complete so that it can sustain full time life (you can sleep, cook, clean yourself) and limited in size, though there's no strong limit. It's not like a 399sqft house qualifies but a 401sqft doesn't, that's ridiculous. A tiny house will feature a creative use of the available space and forces a limitation of one's posessions. It can be on a trailer but doesn't have to be.

Some people take the position that a tiny house depends on how you use it and that a 1500sqft house can be a tiny house if a family of 7 lives in it and it feels tiny to them. I don't subscribe to that point of view. For me a tiny house is not just a house that feels tiny. "Tiny house" is the name of a specific kind of house, the way "subcompact" is a specific kind of car. You don't call a minivan a subcompact if it's used by a big family. It's just a cramped minivan.

420sqft is not the smallest house around but you can call it a tiny house if you like. Would I call it a tiny house? I'd need to see pictures of the inside to decide.

Putting a square footage number against the word is not really being fair. If you're a family of 4, a tiny house may be 1000 sq. ft. compared to the 2500-5000 sq. ft. monsterous McMansions that are so common in suburbia. If you're a single person, 1000 sq. ft. is no longer "tiny."

Really, it's more about downsizing and picking a house that's more in line with your actual needs, making better use of the space you do have and not having empty or redundant space. Space costs money to buy, to heat and cool, and to maintain, and simply by cutting back, you're getting more value, in contrast to what our consumerist culture wants you to believe and feel.

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