Adorable and Affordable Tiny Home

Have a look at this adorable tiny home on wheels! The features of this beauty are as follows...

-Trailer size: 8’x20′ 5 1/2″ x 1/4″ thick steel frame, 1/4″ angle iron on 16″ centers, with trailer breaks.

-13′-3″ Tall

-All framing reinforced with 1/2″ bolts at corners and base plates. All 2×4 studs reinforced with hurricane straps. All 2×6 roof trusses are secured with metal hurricane ties. All exterior plywood wrap glued and nailed to studs.

-2 loft areas. 1 king size, 1 twin size.

-Bathroom features 36″ shower, toilet, and vanity.

-Kitchen features refrigerator, full size sink, full size cabinets, butcher block counter tops.

-Living room features 5′ pull out sofa, flat screen TV, entertainment area, ceiling fan.

-20 gallon hot water heater.

-50AMP electric service. Easily convertible to a 100AMP electric service.

-Exterior features maintenance free vinyl board and baton siding, and galvanized corrugated metal, with a metal roof.

-Interior walls are 1/4″ thick wainscoting, R13 insulation in the walls, R19 insulation in the ceiling, R30 insulation in the floor.

The typical 8' X 20' tiny house weighs 7,000 to 9,000, but larger tiny houses and those that are "decked out" can weigh closer to 15,000. Towing goes best with a truck that has extra power, since wind drag often hampers performance. A 3/4 or 1 ton diesel truck often works well. To find out the exact weight of the tiny house, have it towed to any truck scale. These can be found at sand & gravel yards, farms & feed mills, moving & storage establishments, RV Rallies, and commercial truck stops. Some may charge a fee to use the scale.

Have the tiny house weighed with the truck attached, then park, detach, weigh the truck alone and subtract that weight from the total. Many tiny house trailers need a 2-5/16" hitch ball, which is larger than the standard 2" ball. When looking for a truck to tow your tiny house, make sure you know what type of ball it has. Rental trucks like U-Haul, Penske, and Budget have the standard 2" ball. With U-Haul, the ball is welded to the truck and can't be swapped out for a larger size.

The registration process varies state-to-state and also varies depending upon the way in which your tiny house was built and purchased. If your tiny house was purchased from an RVIA member, you can register your tiny house as any other RV. If your tiny house was purchased from a non-RVIA member, ask the builder whether he or she will register the house before transferring the title to you. If yes, your registration should be straight forward. If you built your own tiny home, registration may take several steps. Please check with your local DMV to find out the rules that will apply for you.

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