Alien Life-form Sighting in Salford UK, Caught on Video

There is footage of a supposed alien life-form on youtube that was taken in the past couple of weeks from Salford, Greater Manchester, UK. The video was posted on a channel by Para Truthers, who also claim they were recently shut down by Government powers due to their contributions for full alien disclosure. The footage is slightly out of focus and many have claimed it a hoax, but the video is compelling nonetheless.

Per the Mirror --

'This is the stunning footage of a suspected 'alien' captured by a terrified witness in Manchester.

The video was posted onto YouTube by a channel called Para Truthers, claiming the alien was spotted in Salford, Greater Manchester, last month.

The account, which claims it was recently shut down by the government, has posted several sightings of these ‘Grey Aliens’ similar to the one in this video.

While some reaction to the video has been sceptical, one YouTube user who claims to live in Salford is concerned about the possibility of life from other planets being spotted in the area.'

What do you think? Is this video legit or is it another hoax?

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