Aliens Linked to Demonic Rites?

Some have argued that abduction experiences bear striking similarities to pre-20th century accounts of demonic manifestations, noting as many as a dozen similarities. What do you think? Personally I have heard many people echo this sentiment and claim that aliens do exist but they are something demonic cooked up by Satan or Beelzebub or somesuch.

As evidence of their belief that Alien Abductions are demonic manifestations, researchers have offered various testimonies of aliens reacting to the name of Jesus in much the same way that demons are recorded as having reacted in the New Testament, with some even alleging that the invocation of the name has shown to successfully abort such abductions.

One of the most famous evidence about the existence of aliens is that of Dr. Boyd Bushman. Days before he died, he shared that Area 51 is really a place where you can study aliens. He even shared that there are friendly aliens that mean no harm to humans. There are skeptics who believe that Dr. Bushman was just making up the stories, and that his age might have deconstructed his memories of Area 51. Of course, others became instant believers.

While some believe that aliens are just here to observe the human behavior, there are a lot of conspiracies stating that aliens are actually demons. Or if they are not the actual demons, they are working for Satan. That sounds absurd for some. But some say that the aliens watch over humans and they implant a chip for easier identification and tracking.

What do you think? Are Aliens some sort of demonic manifestation?

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