Amazing Tiny Home Made of Stone!

This project started 8 years ago when i first planted olives, I planted just 365 threes ,number enough to be cultivated just by one person ( by me) to be effective ,to be most productive as possible .

Olive orchard is grown and cultivated by using methods of bio-dynamics – Rudolf Steiner ,point is my first step was to be in positive direction ,as a small producer I can’t be competitive with big producer ,but i can produce much more quality product .

Idea was to build house using stone as a main material for construction from many reason .

One of the reason it is material used through centuries in south part Croatia – Dalmatia.

Stone is material which is very durable , and perfect for insulation during hot summers ,for example if out side temperature is around 35- 40 celsius ,inside temperature is always around 21-25 Celsius,so there is no need for air conditioner .

Stone as material is expensive in a short time period but in a long period cheeper for almost 20%-31% – reason is temperature balance ,no paintings , e.g.

To be unique and competitive on a tourism market ,I build house just 26.77 m2 , and it perfect for two persons, but suitable for for persons .

Energy solution

In area where I live sun insolation is around 2500 hours per year ,so photo voltaic panels are great choice ,so with a help one of my friend we did calculations and we installed system 1 kw of power ,we used the best MPPT regulators , top gel batteries (victron energy ),and all the lights in the house are led ,tv,stereo ,hair drier,fridge all electric devices are A+++ grade .

System is designed to be in work for seven days without sunlight .

Hot water

It was one of my main issue but we managed it also .

We have thermo solar water heater with out pump which is producing 150 liters of hot water for more than 6 months in a year ,for the rest of the year I installed gas boiler which we are using during winter time .

Fire place

Fire place is not just regular fire place ,we have two of them ,one is bigger one and is located in front of the house ,and the second one is inside in a living room .fire place is used for heating and in a same time we are using it as a place for grill and for making our traditional food preparation called UNDERBELL.


Below the house is basement and water cistern .

In my area you have to be responsible with water usage and we have cistern with 32 000 liters of fresh water ,and we are collecting rain water and using it also .

We are growing all the vegetables ,tomato ,baby bean ,artichokes e.g.

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