Awesome Mobile Modern Tiny Home

Throughout the home the ceilings are covered with custom faux tin ceiling tiles The kitchen is large and features tons of storage, a microwave oven, and refrigerator. Home comes with an induction cook top, with the metal pans to go with it, and table top Convection oven (both closet away for added counter space.)

21′ long 8′ wide. 13′ tall ground up

· This Home is framed entirely with SIP’s Structural Insulated class A fire-rated Panels, with Insulation Value R-25 in the walls and floor, and R-58 in the Ceiling, withstanding temperature swings from Minus-50 Degrees F to 150 Degrees F

· It has a rain-catchment system on the roof, 3″ deep will capture plenty of water to drain to rain barrel.

· Composite lap siding

· Mansard styled roof with diamond shingles

· Composting Toilet

· Trailer bed specifically built & designed for weight and travel for this house

It has a turret design, where the kitchen is located and above the kitchen is the master loft. The loft is accessed by a staircase that has ample room for a King size mattress, completely carpeted. The second loft is smaller with plenty of room for a year supply of food storage, or household items, clothing, or even another smaller twin mattress bedroom!

The interior has bead-board walls and a finish grade plywood wainscot that is accented with decorative trim. That space also is home for one of two “mini on-demand” hot water heaters that serve this tiny house, the other is located below the stainless steel apron kitchen sink.

There is a large bathroom that is equipped with a composting toilet, fan, elastocrete

Whatever happens, building or buying -- don't get discouraged. Sometimes the truth is that a build just sucks. And there is nothing that can be done to make it feel better. Exhaustion, both physical and emotional, just takes its toll and none of the things above seem to help. And you know what? That’s OK. No one ever said that building a house was going to be easy (not even a tiny one). It will try your patience, endurance, and mindset in many many ways. But at the end you will be a stronger and more resilient person and you will know that you have a deeper tenacity than you ever could have imagined. The sense of appreciation you will feel when sleeping in your own hand built home for the first time will literally be indescribable. This house you have built will have become your baby. Where there was nothing, a void in space, there will suddenly be a home…what a trip! So have compassion for yourself on those really hard days and recognize that you are going through a major life event.

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