Brand New Tiny 1br/1ba Colorado Charmer With Must See Kitchen

2015 Athens Park park model home. This unit is 399 sq ft with an added covered porch and added loft. We’ve lived in it for 3 months but are having to move and are unable to move it with us. The lot it is on is located in Woodland Park, Colorado. It has a great view of Pikes Peak, which can be seen in the pictures.

Lot rent is $500 if buyer chooses to leave it in place. It is already skirted, has a sidewalk pored, a fence, and gutters. Lot rent includes water, trash, and snow plowing of neighborhood. Buyer can move it if they wish but will likely have to hire someone to move it because of weight.

A new upgraded Samsung fridge is included. A new LG washer/dryer combo also will come with the unit. Shelves on walls are negotiable if buyer wants them. The pot rack will stay. 65″ Sony LCD tv is also negotiable if buyer is interested.

– I do not work for any company. I am a private seller. The house was build by Athens Park which is where I bought it from.

– I’m not sure where the confusion on 62 acres came from. This unit is on a lot in a park that is trying to become a Park Model home park. However, buyer is free to move the unit if they wish.

– The unit is listed at 62,000 which is slightly less then we paid for it. Considering the upgrades we have added (a 1,700 fridge and a 1,300 washer/dryer as well as landscaping, gutters, skirting) I feel it’s a fair price. Price is negotiable, however, feel free to email me with any questions.

While the 2015 IRC has eliminated the requirement for a house to have at least one room of 120 square feet or more, states will need to adopt the new code in order for it to be effective. In addition, the IRC still contains other minimum size specifications that prove challenging: rooms (except for bathrooms and kitchens) must be 70 square feet, ceiling height must be 7 feet, etc. (additional code discussion). Accordingly, while it is possible for a tiny house to meet building codes, a house built on a foundation on its own land is more likely to be small (more than 400 square feet) rather than tiny. In addition, a building permit will probably be required.

According to the article, Design for Climate, "approximately 40% of household energy is used for heating and cooling to achieve thermal comfort. This rate could be cut to almost zero in new housing through sound climate responsive design." While written for Australia, the tips and different climate types are easily translatable to other regions of the world. Tiny houses also tend to hold in all the warm moisture its inhabitants exude if the right fans, ventilators, vapor barriers and air/heat exchangers aren't used. It's important to work into your design ways to prevent that moisture from building up and allowing mold to grow.

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