Check Out The 'Wood Burned' Siding on This Tiny Home

We are a tiny house building company. We design and build houses on flat bed trailers. Our houses are fully customized to suit the wishes of our clients. Molecule Tiny Homes is a partnership and collaboration between builder/artist brothers-in-law Jason Dietz and Gabriel Williams. The undeniable message that we as a species need to be more forward thinking in how we use the resources of this planet is growing louder all the time. Tiny houses are a beautiful, efficient illustration of a choice to use and waste less. We believe that human happiness is not contingent on living in a large space, but in appreciating fully the space we do inhabit. We invite you to explore the liberating possibilities of devoting more of your time to enjoying life, and less to worrying about housing yourself.

Legally, a tiny house on wheels is considered an RV, and a tiny house on a foundation is considered an accessory dwelling unit (ADU). We tiny housers need a new legal definition for a tiny house, separate from an RV or ADU, but that will take time. For now, we need to work within this framework.

There are issues that might be encountered, such as...

The zoning laws require a minimal size for a home builder and the minimum I have run into is at least to have to built a home of 800 square feet. I am currently living in an apartment of that size and know I can easily live in half the space.

Of course to be able to build and live exactly how I want to live is even more important to me. I am living in an apartment complex where prostitution is rampant and scam artists are moving in in scary numbers.

I would love to begin building my little house on the prairie but even Real Estate agents are of no help because they are interested in the big bucks and the big commissions, help: I am trapped within the capitalistic world and want to get out.

The issue you have are having is typical when it comes to land and home size. You need to find one that does not have restrictions on sq, footage. This is not an easy task due to the fact that most locations like this would be far away from a big city. You can also check into the codes and restrictions on how the min. square footage applies. Is it specified that mobile homes are allowed, does the sq. footage apply to this type home? Is it specified that the homes must have a perm. foundation? If it is not specified that the home must have a perm. foundation then you could possible get by with a tiny home built on a trailer frame which makes it mobile. Also on the current location, do they specify a time frame that the home must be built and finished. 800sq. ft. is not very large and wit careful planning and design, you could still build your tiny home and meet their requirements. The sq. footage applies to space, it does not mean finished space. Hope this helps.

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