Clash of Clans -- Barb King Glitch? And Farming in Masters League

Farming in the Master's league is no joke, but it can be achieved. Here are some thoughts about ML in Clash of Clans and what you need to consider to be successful in the long term.

Once you reach Masters III you'll notice that:

95% of bases are TH10

60 to 70% of them are fully maxed (all have working infernos)

99% of them are active

You will lose the majority of defence attacks

At certain parts of the day you can't go 5 minutes offline without being attacked (resulting in large resource losses)

It can occasionally take a while to find a good base (costs a lot of gold)

If you're thinking of farming then you'll need an army with a build time around 30 to 35 minutes otherwise it's too long in my opinion. Very few 35 minute armies can do serious damage on a maxed TH10, so it's doubtful to get all the loot.

Also here is a contradictory thought to the video --

"Tbh I can't see the point in is this when you can farm with barbs, archers and/or without minions and farm around 800k-1mil gold an hour if you're half decent down in silver/gold. If his army takes 30mins lets say to train (don't quote me here I'm being rough but I know that it doesn't take less than this) and he profits say 200-300k gold each attack resulting in around 500k an hour then that is a lot less. It far safer and far more guaranteed to farm down in silver / gold where good farmers can make even up to 1mil ++ gold an hour and know that they can easily get the loot they need without having to use as many spells if any."

And also --

"Bloons work even in champ. Use 16-32 depending on your preferences (time vs power tradeoff), rest minions (a CC drag is nice too). Heal/rage spells and one lightning. Works like a charm."

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