This is a fantastic little project that can be done with a pallet or other similar reclaimed wood. Most folks that are any sort of handy already have most of the tools to complete this project and just need some green building material and a 'bad attitude' to get going!

The materials and directions here are for making a coffee table just like ours (with a chevron pattern and shelf – obviously it can be customized to how you would like, but these particular materials and steps are for this style.

What you need:

Pallet or Reclaimed Wood

Plywood (sized for your tabletop – top & bottom)

3×4 posts (or any size desired) – we used old framing lumber

Dremel Multi-Max MM20

Circular Saw

Circular Saw Guide or Table Saw

Yard Stick




Glue (any type is fine, wood glue is best, Elmers will work too)

Mitre Box

Nail Gun


Sand Paper


For the rest of the steps and more photos follow the source link at the bottom of the page.

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