Don't Miss This Amazing Rural Tiny House on Legs! The Inside is Incredible

Homesteading today is all about self support. It is a way of life. Homesteading is primarily based on subsistence farming where a homesteader builds a sort of a sustainable operation growing vegetables and fruits and caring for animals outside. Homesteading today is a lot different than conventional farming where you have a large area of land and produce. The main tools of the trade of a homesteader are food preservation and creation of other household requirements without outside intervention.

There are disadvantages to living in the country, of course, just like there are disadvantages to city living. In the end, it all comes down to your priorities. If country living appeals to you but you've been holding back due to common stereotypes, this is more food for thought.

I know a lot of people near where we live who couldn’t imagine living in such an area. They complain about the educational level of the people there. They complain about the lack of services available. They complain about the lack of entertainment and “culture.”

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