Have a Look at the Blueprint For This Two Story Tiny Charmer

I have made a great living in the housing industry. All the negative comments are from people that do not understand housing. First of all....your square footage price per foot goes up as your home size decreases. The most expensive part of a home to build is a bathroom and kitchen. The least expensive part of a home to build is the open area. IF you look at the home that you live in, look how much square footage is open and how much is bathroom. A tiny home is everything minus the open space. The other funny response is about a Winnebago compared to a tiny home. Look how a tiny home is built and then look how a motor-home is built. Night and day. Its the materials. 2x4s . A tiny home is a stick built. Last 50xs longer. Land is the issue. I have many ideas on how to save.

Welcome to the world of tiny housers, people whose choice of living space more or less forces them to embrace the simple life. Many of them live off-the-grid and are of the DIY mentality; they’ve built a community through blogging about their space-maximizing decorating strategies, renting out their homes as novelty hotels and getting together at tiny house conferences, all while attempting to legitimize their housing choice in the eyes of building codes drawn too narrowly to include their alternative lifestyle.

It's a big movement that has homeowners thinking small, and it's starting to catch on in Las Vegas. The average size of an American home is 2,300 square feet. Imagine cutting that living space in half. Now do that two more times. That's what living in a tiny house is like. Recent reality TV shows like Tiny House Nation and Tiny House Hunters documented those people willing to live in homes as small as 100 square feet. The tiny house movement began about 15 years ago, when the average size of an American home was growing.

“Building a tiny home is super exciting. I remember the day I paid off my car and didn't have a car payment. I'm so excited to have that same thing for my living, and it's a house I can take with me wherever I go,” Mashing said.

Across town at Gold Spike Hotel and Casino, a tiny home is on display. Inside you'll see what the homes have to offer, including functioning lights, running water, air conditioning and other modern amenities. Zoning and codes are another issue.

Building codes are not written intentionally to be difficult. They are there because a lot of people have died historically from poor construction practices. They cover all aspects of a building for conditions of “Life, Health and Safety”. We realize that it is virtually impossible for any one person to know all of the codes but it does help to have some knowledge about them and also an understanding of why they exist. When presenting your plans, it’s important to create a good relationship with your Building Officials. They are there to help you ensure that habitable structures are safe and energy efficient.

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