Have a Look at This Awesome Modern 28' Tiny Home

Located in the heart of the American Midwest in South Elgin, Illinois , the leading tiny house builder, Titan Home Builders is centrally located in North America, so that makes it easy for us to get your custom-made tiny house in record time.

As a contracting and remodeling company focused on residential bathrooms and kitchens, we cut our teeth in the building industry beginning in 2010. As such, we are fully versed in all aspects of construction with knowledge and experience in design, electrical, carpentry, roofing, plumbing, painting, and more.

When we first conceived of the idea of using our construction skills towards becoming the leading tiny house builder in the country, we never thought that they would be this popular with folks just like you. For those who are not only looking to disconnect from the grid, but who also want to drive as far away from it as possible, our tiny houses will not only get you there, but you will be completely self-sufficient when you arrive. Contact us today to discover exactly how easy it is to order your custom-made tiny house, and you will soon be enjoying the benefits of living in style.

Some of the Features Special to our units are:

-66% Lighter Than Most Tiny Houses

-Steel Stud Construction

-Real 4′ White Porcelain Bath Tub

-30,000 BTU Forced Air Duct Furnace System

-Moen Plumbing Fixtures

-12 volt LED Low Energy Lighting

-Fresh water, Grey water and Black Water Holding tanks for when you’re one the go with no where to hook up to a sewer system or fresh water supply

-Steel Siding that is twice as durable and stronger than wood that is coated so well that you’ll have to touch it to realize its steel.

-All our units come fitted with a custom standing seam roof and a 35 year guarantee not to leak

-Kitchen Cabinets all come with premium soft close hinges and an ultra Hi-Def Finish

-All units come with a 3-burner Stove/Oven, 10 Cubic Foot Refrigerator, 6 Gallon Water Heater and 36 inch LED Flat Screen TV pre-wired for Satelite / Cable Service

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