Have Aliens Altered Human DNA at Some Point?

At some point in human evolution there is the fabled missing link. We still do not currently have any scientific way to explain the gigantic acceleration of human development that happened in the last 200k years or so. Evolution is millions of years in the making, not 10's or hundreds of thousands of years for any significant development. This 'missing link' has many scientists perplexed and may very well continue for eternity, until the E.T. agenda is revealed.

Per Io9 --

Over the past 200,000 years since Homo sapiens evolved, something extraordinary happened. Somehow, we went from being clever monkeys with stone tools, to being insanely brilliant masterminds who use complex language, and control the planet with agriculture and technology. How did we start the intelligence explosion that anthropologists call the "human revolution"?

Per LloydPye --

There are several plausible examples of extraterrestrial DNA. The top of the list will no doubt be the Starchild Skull, but also of great interest will be Lady Pu'abi/Queen Shubad, an Egyptian mummy that Zechariah Sitchin believed was at least partially Anunnaki. There is also Peter Khoury's "Hair Of The Alien" case, which seems to be genuine, and several other samples of varied quality and veracity.

But what about the skeletons in our own closets? Humans supposedly evolved naturally from higher primates. But if that is how it really happened, why do humans have fewer chromosomes than chimps, our closest primate relatives? Why do we complex, intelligent beings have less DNA than some bacteria?

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