How Many People Sleep in There?

When some people need to get away, they prefer to frolic beachside. Others love traveling to exotic cities. But nothing beats the pastoral serenity of escaping to a rural cabin deep in the forest.

What better way to appreciate the simplicity that Mother Nature provides than spending your rustic retreat in a modest-yet-elegant tiny home?

Tiny houses are great for a family or romantic getaways for a lot of reasons, but if closeness is what you crave, there’s nothing like staying in a space less than 1,000 square feet.

The debate over loft or no loft, and ladders or stairs, is a hot topic in the tiny house community. Individuals feel very strong that one or the other is a better way to build a tiny house. I challenge back that there is no one way to build a tiny house and value of a loft over a first floor bed can’t be determined by people outside of the house. All that matters in a tiny house is if the person living there is comfortable and happy.

There are stairs that lead up to a small second story that has enough room in part to stand fully upright. It is a great option for someone who wants their sleeping space to be 100% separate from the rest of the house. Keep in mind, however, that this style is best when the house is on a foundation.

What are some other options for tiny house sleeping arrangements? What do you want in your house?

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