Mysterious Craft Being Towed Near Area 51?

This was spotted in a small town near Area 51 WITH a police escort. Are we being prepared for something? Why wouldn't they at least tarp it to cover up the craft? This is an amazing find and it looks legit. Possibly a damaged alien craft that was recovered like in Roswell? What do you guys think?

Comments from the video--

'Why do they always have the same answer to all unusual spacecraft?.."Oh its an experimental drone.." Oh please just come out clean already.. there's no more need to hide these things when its seen all over the world.'

'Northrop Grumman?...flying saucer for sure.'

'If I was going to transport a "UFO" on the back of a truck, I wouldn't make it 'look' like a UFO! lol! Wonder what is was though.'

'It's a drone, seen it before, I think on an Air Force site, don't recall exactly, but I do recall that shape.'

'That's just a weather balloon, he he.'

'Looked sort of like a stealth aircraft less the wings.'

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