Neil Armstrong Kept Secret Artifacts From Apollo 11 Moon Landing

Neil Armstrong is the most famous astronaut in history because he was the first human being to set foot on the moon. He also is the subject of much controversy with the UFO community and other conspiracy theorists as some claim that mankind never actually reached the moon and he was part of a giant coverup. Mr. Armstrong passed away in 2012, but the debate rages on about his role in the Apollo 11 moon landing and the details surrounding it. Interestingly enough, some artifacts from the moon landing were found by his widow in a closet located in the couples' home. The contents of this mystery bag are still unknown, but they were certainly kept secret by Neil for a reason. Do you think these items have anything to do with the rumors of Gray aliens on the moon or anything of the sort?

Per The Space Reporter --

Armstrong never confided in anyone about the existence and contents of the bag. But listening to Apollo 11 mission transcripts, experts believe Armstrong intentionally preserved them.

According to the transcripts, less than an hour before the scheduled return to the Command Module, Armstrong is heard saying to Michael Collins, “You know that–that one’s just a bunch of trash that we want to take back.–LM parts, odds and ends, and it won’t stay closed by itself. We’ll have to figure something out for it.”

“Needless to say, for a curator of a collection of space artifacts, it is hard to imagine anything more exciting,” Needell said.

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