Perfectly Rustic Tiny Shepherds Hut Retreat

The Shepherds Hut Retreat is situated on the borders of Somerset, Dorset and Devon and easily accessed by road and rail (A30 and A303 are within 5 mins, Crewkerne station which links to London is 2.5 miles). The Shepherds Hut Retreat is a great base to explore all the South West has to offer, especially the World Heritage Jurassic Coast offering gems such as Lyme Regis all within a half an hour’s drive.sheep grazing

We are blessed with an award winning gastro pub on the door step. The Lord Poulett Arms in Hinton st George has won both Gastro pub of the year and National dining pub of the year more than once!

Each Shepherds hut is a spacious 20ft by 8ft with a fully fitted kitchen and separate bathroom. Everything has been finished to the highest standard with beautiful vintage styling. Our huts are a unique design that offer everything you would expect in a self catering cottage but in a beautiful shepherds hut. The beautiful interiors are thanks to Rocco & Rose who sell all kinds of beautiful treasures for your home. All of the huts are: Surrounded by organic farmland, Powered mainly by a huge 50kw solar p.v bank, Fed twice filtered natural spring water, made from local timber and recycled materials and cleaned using eco products!

Step down from your Shepherds hut onto the decking and have breakfast overlooking the water, then relax in a deck chair or hammock reading a book under the tree……. Now its time to light the barbecue have a glass of wine and finish by toasting marshmallows on the open fire. Life can be hard!

Have a look at our live calendar to check prices and availability for your holiday at The Shepherds Hut Retreat.

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