Salinas Crop Circle Decoded

A famously intricate crop circle that mysteriously appeared in Salinas, CA last year has been decoded as several messages sent by some unnamed E.T. species. The crop circle was so different in size, scope and detail that the estimates for a hoax team labor force would be three men working 9 hour shifts for nearly 10 days in daylight conditions.

The messages purportedly use Morse code among other mathematical communication devices.

Per Exopolitics --

The December 28, Salinas crop circle attracted widespread attention due to its unusual timing and location. It appeared well after the crop circle season in southern England had concluded, and most crop circle researchers had quietly withdrawn to write summaries of the summer season.

Message One : “The blind will see, and those who seek will find.”

Message Two : 3-space-3-space-1

Message Three: E-T B I-S-O-N S-T-S

The speculation on what the messages mean are varied and this is only assuming we didn't miss other remaining messages in the speculator design.

Do you think crop circles mean anything or are they all simply vehicles of human hoax?

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