Simple Pocono Cottage

Adorable Country Cottage in a quiet Lake community, across from the Lake! All newer appliances, Central Air, 2 bedrooms, Full bath w/new shower! Low Taxes!

Nice quiet neighborhood close to all that the Poconos has to offer, shopping, skiing, hiking, etc.

This home has full size washer/dryer, central AC and all other appliances. It has been completely remodeled within the past few years.

Consider buying a used tiny house. Like an RV, tiny houses on wheels depreciate. Sometimes you can get a great bargain from someone who tried tiny living and decided it wasn't right or ran into trouble with zoning. You can find used tiny houses on Craigslist, eBay and Tiny House Listings. (Note: if you find a house you like on Tiny House Listings, it's best to search the web for another source for responding. From my own experience and that reported by others, the contact form on this site may never reach the recipient. Try searching Craigslist or use Google image search instead.) Be sure to inspect the house before buying (some are very poorly built) and find out the status of the title and registration before you commit. Prices often drop from the first listing, so unless you really love the house, you might do well to wait a couple of weeks and watch it.

Building a safe, durable tiny house takes skill. Do you currently have construction knowledge and experience? If not, do you have the patience and commitment needed to acquire the skill? If you've never built anything, consider building something simple, like a set of shelves or a table, to test your skill and gain confidence before beginning your tiny house. Insurance can be obtained fairly easily for tiny houses built by certified RV manufacturers. For other tiny homes, finding insurance can be challenging. See the more detailed insurance info below.

For the average non-professional DIYer, building a tiny house takes about 3 months of fulltime work (about 480 hours). Do you have this much free time, or can you be comfortable extending your build timeline as necessary to fit it into your existing work and family commitments? If you have savings and know where you'll park your tiny house, buying one that's already complete may be the best path. If money is tight and/or you're not sure where you'll live, take it slow and work through your options.

Can you afford to buy a new, completed tiny house (about $30,000 to $80,000)? Some companies build to RV standards and can offer financing, but it would be RV-type financing, which means shorter terms and higher interest than a conventional 30 year mortgage. Can you afford a used or partially built tiny house? These can offer cost-savings, but be careful. If the house is used, get as much information as possible on how it was built (construction methods and materials). If new but partially built, ask why the owner decided not to finish it. Were there issues with the construction? Also, be aware that finishing a tiny house is expensive. Adding walls, flooring, cabinets and shelves can cost as much or more than the house shell.

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