'Smoking Gun' Roswell Photos Found in Arizona Attic from 1947 Incident

Anybody who knows anything about UFO's has heard about the incident in Roswell New Mexico in 1947. This is the single largest UFO crash that spawned many a conspiracy theory for UFOlogists in regards to Government coverups. To recap the incident, a UFO supposedly crashed on some farmland and the U.S. Government first confirmed an alien craft had crashed and then later backtracked calling it a mis-identified weather balloon.

In any case, this is the incident that essentially started it all as far as UFO conspiracies are concerned -- but it got better just recently. There has been a report indicating that lost photographs from the Roswell UFO crash have been discovered in an attic in Arizona, and the contents of these particular photos are nothing short of the 'holy grail' of all UFO evidence. They have been described as the 'smoking gun' that not only corroborates the initial Government report of an alien crash, but also there are rumors these photos also address the alien bodies discovered at the crash site.

Per KOB.com --

The pictures won’t be revealed until May, but the slides reportedly found in an attic in Arizona in 1989 are said to be original and include a picture of an alien. The owners of the pictures are Bernerd and Hilda Ray, who are now deceased. But Bernerd was a geologist that worked in the Roswell area. The pictures remain largely mysterious, but one UFO investigator called the photo “a smoking gun.”

"I think there might be like a gray and green being on it that has big eyes that's really tall and has only three fingers," said Rodgers. The pictures will be revealed at the National Auditorium in Mexico City on May 5. They will be live streamed online. The museum says there will be a presentation on the pictures in Roswell during the UFO festival in July.

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