Solar Powered and Ready to Travel Tiny Home

This solar powered, off-grid tiny house was built as a high school student senior project in Brevard County, Florida. The shell of the house was built by Wind River Custom Homes (Chattanooga, TN) and the interior was finished by the student. The house is 12’x8′ with a loft sleeping area large enough to fit a full size bed. It features a full kitchen and bathroom with refrigerator, sink, stove, shower, and composting toilet. It also has a fold-down kitchen table to maximize space, an area for seating, and cabinets for storage. The home’s electric needs are powered entirely by a solar array situated on the front end of the house, with a battery to store collected energy. There are yacht-grade LED lights and two fans for maximum ventilation, all wired by a professional electrician from a local boating store. Both the sink and shower are connected to hot and cold water, stored in a 35 gallon tank that sits on the tongue of the trailer. The refrigerator and water heater are both powered by a propane tank. The house was designed to function fully off the grid, with no need for a power, water, or sewer hookup. This means you can take this house anywhere, and live with all the modern day comforts.

As part of this senior project, the student has decided to give 100% of the proceeds of the sale of this house to her school, Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy, to fund a solar panel installation initiative on campus as an example to students, faculty, and parents of the benefits of clean energy and sustainable living.

For tiny homes on wheels, it's important to consider security during your build and even after you're living in it. You can make it difficult for a thief to tow away your tiny house by installing a hitch lock (Megahitch Lock Coupler Vault or TriMax Universal Unattended Coupler) or by using a wheel lock. GPS devices can help you track your house if it does get stolen. However, most require frequent charging of a battery and so will be useful only if you go to the build site frequently.

If you have other ideas for additional layers of security, please feel free to comment. I think I have probably already done more than I need. If somebody still takes my tiny house after all this effort, they must need it more than me. I just hope they have a good idea for where to hide it because I have no idea where you could store a stolen tiny house without another person or a GPS satellite ever finding it.

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