Sonoma Tiny Home and Plans

The Sonoma is one of six gorgeous little 400-square-foot houses in the California Collection created by The Homestead Partners. Each house has a full kitchen and bathroom, private bedroom with space for at least a queen-size bed, living/dining/kitchen that opens to an outdoor dining patio or terrace, and plenty of storage. Big enough to have a friend over. Just make sure you're in love with them first. Nineteenth century shacks, ghost towns, abandoned ranches, with a soupçon of seaside Greene and Greene thrown in, all seen through the prism of the famous 1960s Sea Ranch development. The look never went out and so it’s never had to be rediscovered. And it still looks as fabulous as it did when Jerry Brown’s father last sat in the governor’s chair.

We're Ron Sakal and Sallie Hood (, a husband-and-wife team of architects who've spent decades creating workable townscapes, rescuing city centers from random development, designing beautiful houses, and teaching bright young architecture students how to do the same.

Along the way, we've become experts on the styles of American houses, ideas, designs, and materials that transform small and affordable spaces into wonderful places to live. Now we're offering those great American styles to everyone who yearns for something more interesting and more connected to the American culture.

Look around our collection of houses and see what moves you. After that, our firm is just like that home of yours: small and affordable.

Ours is smaller but just as fabulous, and you’ll love it whether you build it on a cliff overlooking the Pacific or on a knoll overlooking a cornfield.

Interior Features

399 square feet.

Open living/dining room and full kitchen, with sliding doors opening to raised front porch.

High, sloped ceilings throughout.

Full bathroom.

Space for compact washer/dryer.

Bedroom sized for a king or queen bed, with built-in storage and closet.

Entry door opening to raised side porch.

Exterior Features

502 square feet.

Raised open-air porch at front.

Partially covered raised side porch at entry, with built-in planters and bench.

Total Footprint

901 square feet

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