Steel Sided Tiny Living -- This One is Unique!

This THOW is built to live ‘off-grid’ if desired. 400 watt solar system, 10 gallon fresh water reserve tank and Nature’s Head composting toilet.

Definition: A tiny house on wheels (THOW), for the purposes of these Guidelines, is a structure which is intended as a full time residence or year-round rental property and meets these five conditions:

built on a trailer that was registered with the builder's local DMV.

towable by a bumper hitch, frame-towing hitch, or fifth-wheel connection. Cannot move (and was not designed to be moved) under its own power.

Is no larger than allowed by applicable state law. (The typical THOW is no more than 8'6" wide, 30' long, and 13'6" high. Larger tiny houses may require special a commercial driver's license and/or special permits when being towed.)

This THOW is built with new lightweight, durable materials including steel studs, cork flooring throughout and custom built metal cabinets. It is insulated in the flooring and walls with an R6 rating rigid foam. Jeld-Wen, vinyl, double hung, dual sliding windows throughout. Its use of interior space is very efficient and feels extremely spacious. Because it’s lightweight, it is easily towable and does not require any special permits.

This THOW has been inspected and licensed/registered as a ‘permanent trailer’ with a TITLE and a custom issued VIN for a Travel Trailer. Most of the time, THOW’s use their trailer base’s VIN. This is not the case with this THOW.

This THOW has a fully functional 400 watt Solar System with an automatic transfer switch, 35 Amp PWM charge controller, 2,000 watt inverter with two outlets and 1 USB port and battery. Made with high efficiency polycrystalline solar panels, with anodized aluminum frames and tempered glass, and a two diode bypass for durability and years of maintenance free service.

Great to live in or for guest home. Also great leased or Airbnb rental. Everything is BRAND NEW. Lived in for a short time. I am going smaller! It currently sits in an RV Park less than 3 miles from downtown. Spaces typically available for only $400 per month. This includes water, wifi and cable. Must move from current space.

Inside measurements: 16’ x 7.5’

Outside measurements: 16’7” x 8’4” **

**These measurements meet DOT standards and DO NOT require a permit to tow

New, custom made base trailer with dual axle, 4 breaks, 2 5/16 ball hitch, tear drop fenders, 7way plug, upgraded LED lights, an upgraded 7,000lb jack, and new trailer rated tires. The trailer is built with all channel frames with a formed one-piece frame runner and tongue design. The tongue was cold formed in a hydraulic press for maximum durability.

6,080 lbs fully loaded –about 5,000 lbs empty

Steel beam construction(no warping, rotting, bug infestations, etc.)

R6 Rated Rigid Insulation in flooring and walls

Outside walls wrapped in Tyvek

Water & Ice Shield on roof

Flaslashing tape around windows and door openings

Constructed to meet current RIVA code

8’ ceilings in living

NO LOFT! (no up and down a ladder)

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