Sustainable Reclaimed Innovation Built by College Students

College has long been the forefront of innovation and that includes architecture and sustainable living, all perfectly represented in this gorgeous green tiny home. The students at Yestermorrow have done their part, now the rest is up to us to require our legislators to represent the people and allow this type of construction to become commonplace for the betterment of the world. There are still too many archaic construction laws and we collectively have the power to change this. Yestermorrow Design/Build School inspires people to create a better, more sustainable world by providing hands-on education that integrates design and craft as a creative, interactive process.

Here is some more info about the great things that happen at this amazing design/build school.

In hands-on classes that explore and engage, we teach the arts of design and building as an integrated process, and provide instruction in fundamental skills. We offer nearly 100 classes in sustainable building and design, construction, natural building, architectural craft, woodworking, working landscapes and ecosystems, energy efficiency, and building science.

Our curriculum allows students to learn, think, and practice at varying scales: in the context of whole buildings, communities, and ecosystems; on the specific materials, methods, and technologies that enable systems to function well; and on the fine details that make structures functional and beautiful.

The students who come to Yestermorrow are place-makers or change-makers, and sometimes they’re both. They are DIYers and professionals, women and men, undergraduates and lifelong learners, hobbyists, and those seeking a career or life change. Courses are taught by top architects, builders, craftspeople, and permaculture practitioners from around the country.

Uniting thinking and making, and exploring relationships between the natural and built environments, Yestermorrow empowers students to create intentional and inspired pieces, places, buildings, and communities that enrich life and enhance our world.

Yestermorrow's courses are specifically designed to demystify the designing and building processes using hands-on, experiential learning to teach students the art and wisdom of good design and the skill and savvy of enduring craftsmanship as a single, integrated process.

This creative process offers students unique insight into the oftentimes disparate worlds of the architect and the builder. Architects are routinely trained without any building experience that might inform their designs, and builders are trained to execute without a sense of the overarching purpose or design of the project.

Combining design and building offers numerous advantages and promotes the creation of intentional and inspired buildings and communities that enhance our world. From the professional design/builder to the do-it-yourself design/build homeowner, every designer should know how to build and every builder should know how to design. This philosophy sets Yestermorrow apart from other educational institutions.

And here are some tips to acquire your own reclaimed materials so we can collectively make this world a better place.

Sometimes life is simply a numbers game. If you’re not willing to do the hustling, nobody’s going to do it for you. Well, maybe.. But I wouldn’t count on it! So if you want to find recycled goodies and you’re serious about it- begin contacting at least three people everyday whether you find them in person or through the Internet. And don’t be afraid to ask for referrals when you don’t have any luck. One person who can’t help you may lead you to the chosen one if you simply ask.

Also- be willing to labor away for your materials. Sometimes you’ll have to take the time to dismantle a barn or an old chicken coop. Who knows- just be willing to do it!

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