Sweet Tiny Carriage House

Hi, I have a 260 sq foot tiny house for sale that I have outfitted and photographed here. I have had professional insulation, drywallers/sheet-rockers, painting and electricity already done. You can see all of these guys great work shown in the pictures. I also installed a custom tile job that looks just like wood, and that is a really nice addition. Currently I am just finishing up the trim, window sills and the doors. Still left for the new buyer/owner to do is install the plumbing, bathroom and kitchenette. This could be the perfect space for a carriage house, mother-in-law suite, office, or cottage studio. It can fit nicely into a back yard so if you want to rent it out to make some additional income, or keep it back there for older children who would like their own space. Really, options are endless on how this can be used.

Some nice perks that come with this house is the fridge that I included in some shots, the window blinds, and deck and step that is photographed in the exterior photos. I also have the interior and exterior paint, some extra tiles as well as extra mortar for those tiles.

The International Residential Code for One- and Two- Family Dwellings (IRC) is a comprehensive reference for best practices in home construction and the basic standard for all home builders. A completely new version is published every three years. Small revisions are published more frequently. While all states have adopted the IRC, there is great diversity in the specific versions (scroll down to see the US map.) Additional codes may be written your state, county or city that are stricter than the IRC, particularly in regions vulnerable to earthquakes or hurricanes. Check with your local building inspector or a contractor licensed in your region for guidance.

While the 2015 IRC has eliminated the requirement for a house to have at least one room of 120 square feet or more, states will need to adopt the new code in order for it to be effective. In addition, the IRC still contains other minimum size specifications that prove challenging: rooms (except for bathrooms and kitchens) must be 70 square feet, ceiling height must be 7 feet, etc. (additional code discussion). Accordingly, while it is possible for a tiny house to meet building codes, a house built on a foundation on its own land is more likely to be small (more than 400 square feet) rather than tiny. In addition, a building permit will probably be required.

Total build time -- About 120 hours for a professional. For the average DIYer, building a tiny house takes about 480 hours, either concentrated (3 months of fulltime work) or spread out over a year or more, fitting construction into spare hours on weekends. Here's a more detailed discussion from a professional.

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