The Interior is Gorgeous in This Turquoise Tiny Home

This adorable custom tiny home is ready to be purchased by the excited tiny house enthusiast. It boasts 176 square feet of adorable practical touches and is even being sold furnished. It has a dry flush toilet, upgraded hot water heater and 50 amps of power is required.

Tiny houses on wheels were popularized by Jay Shafer who designed and lived in a 96 sq ft house and later went on to offer the first plans for tiny houses on wheels, initially founding Tumbleweed Tiny House Company, and then Four Lights Tiny House Company (September 6, 2012). In 2002, he co-founded, along with Greg Johnson, Shay Salomon and Nigel Valdez the Small House Society. Salomon and Valdez subsequently published their guide to the modern Small House Movement, ″Little House on a Small Planet″ (2006) and Johnson published his memoir, "Put Your Life on a Diet" (2008)

In 2005, after Hurricane Katrina, Marianne Cusato developed Katrina Cottages, that start at 308 square feet (28.6 m2) as an alternative to FEMA trailers. Though these were created to provide a pleasant solution to a disaster zone, Cusato received wider interest in her design from developers of resorts, for example.

With the financial crisis of 2007–08, the small house movement attracted more attention as it offers housing that is more affordable and ecologically friendly. Overall, however, it represents a very small part of real estate transactions. Thus only 1% of home buyers acquire houses of 1,000 square feet (93 m2) or less. Small houses are also used as accessory dwelling units (or ADUs), to serve as additional on-property housing for aging relatives or returning children, as a home office, or as a guest house. Typical costs are about $20,000 to $50,000 as of 2012.

In Oakland, California, Gregory Kloehn builds small houses out of found materials, for an estimated cost of $40.

Small and tiny houses have received increasing media coverage including a full length documentary and a serial television show, Tiny House Nation,[16] in 2014 and Tiny House Hunters. The possibility of building one's own home has fueled the movement, particularly for tiny houses on wheels. Tiny houses on wheels are often compared to RVs. However, tiny houses are built to last as long as traditional homes, they use traditional building techniques and materials, and they are aesthetically similar to larger homes.

Some companies have put into motion plans to create tiny home developments.

Workshops to teach the art of tiny house building began to be offered by Jay Shafer of Tumbleweed Tiny House Company and others in 2008. In June 2013, the first Tiny House Fair, sponsored by Tiny House Community, was held at the Yestermorrow Design Build School in Vermont, drawing together builders and enthusiasts from across the country. A Tiny House Conference followed in 2014. In August 2015, The Tiny House Jamboree took place over the course of two days in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Sponsored by manufactured housing company, this event attracted an estimated crowd of 40,000, surpassing the expected attendance number of 10,000 visitors.

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