The Interior of This Tiny Beauty is Pure Art

Tiny House Chattanooga is privately owned & operated in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Tiny House Chattanooga & Tiny House Trailers USA, are the progression from our beginnings rooted in home remodeling. The remodeling & repair business yielded years of experience and success from projects big and small; ranging from complete home reconstruction to custom specialty projects.

The tiny house community’s passionate demand sparked our drive to create innovative designs for this ever growing community. Building with “out of the box” creativity is what inspires us to deliver mini masterpieces; converting dreams into livable reality. Our knowledge, expertise and determination for building to last will always remain at the core of what we do; and do very well.

Simply put, we really wanted to make building exciting & fun again and the truly unlimited potential of tiny houses gives us exactly that. So, let’s have some fun and convert this wildly popular tiny house dream into YOUR reality… together.

This increase in popularity of tiny houses, and particularly the rapid increase in the number of both amateur and professional builders, has led to concerns regarding safety among tiny house professionals. In 2013, an Alliance of tiny house builders was formed to promote ethical business practices and offer guidelines for construction of tiny houses on wheels. This effort was carried on in 2015 by the American Tiny House Association. In 2015, the nonprofit American Tiny House Association was formed to promote the tiny house as a viable, formally acceptable dwelling option and to work with local government agencies to discuss zoning and coding regulations that can reduce the obstacles to tiny living.

One of the biggest obstacles to growth of the tiny house movement is the difficulty in finding a place to live in one. Zoning regulations typically specify minimum square footage for new construction on a foundation, and for tiny houses on wheels, parking on one's own land may be prohibited by local regulations against "camping." In addition, RV parks do not always welcome tiny houses. DIYers may be turned away, as many RV parks require RVs be manufactured by a member of the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association "(RVIA)".

Insurance can be obtained fairly easily for tiny houses built by certified RV manufacturers. For other tiny homes, finding insurance can be challenging. If you're going to build your own tiny house, contact potential companies before you start, as they may want to do inspections or see pictures of your tiny house as it's being built.

The typical 8' X 20' tiny house weighs 7,000 to 9,000, but larger tiny houses and those that are "decked out" can weigh closer to 15,000. Towing goes best with a truck that has extra power, since wind drag often hampers performance. A 3/4 or 1 ton diesel truck often works well.

To find out the exact weight of the tiny house, have it towed to any truck scale. These can be found at sand & gravel yards, farms & feed mills, moving & storage establishments, RV Rallies, and commercial truck stops. Some may charge a fee to use the scale.

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