The Interior of This Tiny Container Cabin is Immaculate

Brand New! Was a dream project of mine but due to work, I am unable to use it.. selling it at a loss. Easy to move!ntainer home for sale! Ideal for an off-grid cabin, carriage home, BnB, hunting cabin, R.V. or people looking to downsize. No expense was spared creating this beautiful space:

160 sq ft co

-9ft ceiling

-Solid hard wood floors

-3 way fridge

-Propane cook top

-Fold down double wall bed

-Custom Cabinetry

-Spray foam insulation

-30 amp RV plug in and panel

-120v electrical outlets

-infrared heating and thermostat

-Double sink

-Tons of storage

When building your own tiny home there are some things to keep in mind, including, your tiny house design should take into consideration how much weight is forward (toward the tongue of the trailer) and how much is on the back of the trailer (which might be the front of the house).

The tongue weight is the static force the trailer tongue exerts on the hitch ball. An improper load condition can make for a dangerous trailering situation. If you don't have enough weight on the trailer tongue (less than 10 percent of the total loaded trailer weight) the trailer can end up swaying from side to side, making it difficult to control. If you have too much weight on the trailer tongue (more than 15 percent of the total loaded trailer weight) it can overload the rear tires and push the rear of the vehicle around. You might not be able to go around corners and curves properly, and your vehicle might not stop fast enough when you press the brake pedal.

According to the 2013 GMC Trailering Guide, to get the proper trailer tongue weight, you should put about 60 percent of the load centered evenly over the front half of the trailer. You can calculate the proper trailer tongue weight by figuring 10 to 15% of the total loaded trailer weight. For example, a 3,000 pound trailer has a proper tongue weight of 300 to 450 pounds.

It's important to consider security during your build and even after you're living in it. You can make it difficult for a thief to tow away your tiny house by installing a hitch lock (Megahitch Lock Coupler Vault or TriMax Universal Unattended Coupler) or by using a wheel lock. GPS devices can help you track your house if it does get stolen. However, most require frequent charging of a battery and so will be useful only if you go to the build site frequently. Here's a helpful article with additional tips on securing your tiny house.

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