The Outside Looks Like a Bus, The Inside Will Surprise You

Home on Wheels!

This 1991 72-passenger International Diesel School Bus (with rebuilt engine) has been converted into a gorgeous wood cabin that can be driven anywhere. Hardwood flooring throughout, with the walls and ceiling lined in pine wood. The bathroom is completely made of cedar. Generally, tiny houses on wheels should be no more than 13'6" high and 8'6" wide, in order to tow them without special permits or licenses. However, some states are more restrictive; some are less. Here's a handy but unofficial summary of size limitations. Please check with your local DMV for the laws in your state.

This bus also boasts 2 skylights that add so much natural light into the bus, even on cloudy days. One is 4’x4′ in the middle of the bus and the other is above the shower – have a shower under the stars :)!

Plenty of kitchen counter space that is standard counter height. All appliances are apartment-sized ones including a fridge and a propane/natural gas range (you can bake!) The bathroom is equipped with a composting toilet and shower. This bus even has a washer and dryer! There is an on-demand hot water heater for immediate hot water in the sink, shower and washer. The table normally seats 2, but with the extension (included for you), the bus can sit 6 for dinner!

The International Residential Code for One- and Two- Family Dwellings (IRC) is a comprehensive reference for best practices in home construction and the basic standard for all home builders. A completely new version is published every three years. Small revisions are published more frequently. While all states have adopted the IRC, there is great diversity in the specific versions (scroll down to see the US map.) Additional codes may be written your state, county or city that are stricter than the IRC, particularly in regions vulnerable to earthquakes or hurricanes. Check with your local building inspector or a contractor licensed in your region for guidance.

The bus has its own 100amp electric panel in the bus. This can be easily converted (by an electrician) to a 30amp RV system.

Live in a tiny home without compromising modern technology! Ready to move in immediately. For more information, go to:


ALL Appliances (bought brand new 2 years ago):

propane/natural gas range




on-demand hot water heater

composting toilet

Exterior Shelter

(can be taken apart and rebuilt in new location)


queen sized bed



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