This Gorgeous Tiny House has an Amazing Interior

The Tack House sits on a 7’ x 20’ trailer and is approximately 140Sq. ft. A Gable roof is greeted by dormers in the loft for extra storage and head room. The dormers also add more light and ventilation with windows on both sides of the house. The house has 11 windows total, including the skylight, so plenty of natural light that brings the outdoors in. Plan comes with material lists and helpful tips to help get you started on your journey.

The house comes with a 6'3" long bench, perfect for the occasional nap, or just relaxing and snuggling up and enjoying a movie. With tons of storage inside, feel free to stash whatever you might not need away for another day. The folding desk under the TV gives you adequate room to use your personal computer or to enjoy your meals. When you are finished, simply fold the desk down and enjoy your entertainment area. A huge closet on the main level has plenty of space for your traveling must haves. Store your luggage, coats, hats and other items in the closet to keep the room open and spacious. Since we both needed to work in the tiny house, we installed a second desk. Feel free to use it as your own desk, or extra eating space. You'll find plenty of books and art projects to work on while you are enjoying your visit to TTTH.

The house has 12 windows total (11 of which open). The tiny house baths in sunlight and the view of evergreens on the property. In the sleeping loft you will find a queen sized memory foam mattress dressed with blankets on top of blankets. It will leave you feeling just too cozy to get out of bed. The bathroom is fitted with a wine barrel shower and a composting toilet (aka bucket). The kitchen has a small sink, two burner cooktop and a compact refrigerator with separate freezer and fridge space. So get ready to sit back, relax and enjoy tiny!

It's important to consider security during your build and even after you're living in it. You can make it difficult for a thief to tow away your tiny house by installing a hitch lock (Megahitch Lock Coupler Vault or TriMax Universal Unattended Coupler) or by using a wheel lock. GPS devices can help you track your house if it does get stolen. However, most require frequent charging of a battery and so will be useful only if you go to the build site frequently. Here's a helpful article with additional tips on securing your tiny house.

With the financial crisis of 2007–08, the small house movement attracted more attention as it offers housing that is more affordable and ecologically friendly. Overall, however, it represents a very small part of real estate transactions. Thus only 1% of home buyers acquire houses of 1,000 square feet (93 m2) or less. Small houses are also used as accessory dwelling units (or ADUs), to serve as additional on-property housing for aging relatives or returning children, as a home office, or as a guest house. Typical costs are about $20,000 to $50,000 as of 2012.

One of the biggest obstacles to growth of the tiny house movement is the difficulty in finding a place to live in one. Zoning regulations typically specify minimum square footage for new construction on a foundation, and for tiny houses on wheels, parking on one's own land may be prohibited by local regulations against "camping." In addition, RV parks do not always welcome tiny houses. DIYers may be turned away, as many RV parks require RVs be manufactured by a member of the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association "(RVIA)"

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