This Tiny Home Creates More Energy Than it Uses!

The eco-friendly abode is equipped with solar panels, a rainwater recycling system, and even has a green roof for added insulation. Behold, Australias first carbon-positive pre-fabricated home, which is packed with a number of eco-friendly features and is absolutely gorgeous.The contemporary and cozy house was unveiled to the world last week by the Australian architecture firm ArchiBlox. Filled with light from the many windows and a solar panel top, the Archi + Carbon Positive House is designed to produce more energy than its uses. The abode, which is expected to offer the same environmental benefits as 6,095 Australian trees in its lifespan, is sealed with an airtight 800-square-foot structure that locks in cool air and keeps Australia’s intense heat out, reports Dezeen.

The Archi + Carbon Positive House is presently on display in Melbourne’s City Square.

“These homes will give our clients the opportunity to rid themselves of modern day lifelines in a house that has been developed through a collaboration of design sensitivities and new technologies with like-minded companies,” the architects said.

The building was designed to maximize solar gain and passive design strategies. Instead of relying on mechanical heating and cooling, the naturally ventilated home uses in-ground tubes to pull in cool air from the south side.

In addition, the building is topped by a green roof for added insulation, as well as a set of sliding vertical garden walls that shade and cool the building in the summer.

The appealing home has been designed to make use of solar power through a series of roof-mounted photovoltaic panels. Rainwater recycling is also part of the product, helping to reduce water consumption. Designed to face north, the house is divided into two main areas: the double-glazed sunroom that serves as a buffer zone and spans the width of the structure; and the living quarters which are situated behind the sunroom on the southern side.

The compact living space is comprised of an open-plan dining area and kitchen on one end and a bathroom and bedroom on the other. The private area is separated from the communal space by a modular cabinetry wall. And if one is inclined to grow their own herbs and vegetables, a wall outfitted with pots encourages a green thumb. According to the company’s website, the cost of this home is $260,000 + GST. No doubt, this is out of some peoples’ budgets, but surely this innovation will inspire the production of more affordable, eco-friendly, and carbon-positive homes.

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