This Tiny Home is Built From 95% Reclaimed Materials!

This is a great pair of houses built from 95% Pure Salvaged Materials. They are known as the Zebu Sisters with one being the Vicky Zebu and the other the Arched Zebu. The larger one is about 12′ x 21′ and the smaller sister is 12′ x 18′.

The parts and pieces that form them are as much as two hundred years old and from 25 other houses or more that provided the exceptional parts, not to mention the regular lumbar, siding, floors, and roofs.

I hope you enjoy the incredible Gallery shot by these fine photographers and consider being part of the New Berlin Salvage Bootcamp so you to can learn how to get all these great materials to build with for little more than the labor it takes to remove them, clean them, and put them together again, just a bit more creatively.

The Zebu Sisters are at the Tantra Temple learning what their lives will bring and what they have to give back to the world from whence they came. I pray they will be treated better this time through, with respect and love that never has quite sunk into this world of Man.

The Zebu Sisters left a while ago to see what was out west. They ended up in Midland, Texas where the trees are not so great. But there they are so beautiful and happy where they sit.

This is a preview of the incredible pictures taken by 1401 Studio with Angela Free in Midland, Texas. The blog has over 20 never before seen shots on our website which, if I mention, this post will only reach a few hundred people but if I tell you with out the link, it could reach tens of thousands so check back for the link on another blog unless you are already in touch with the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance.

Thanks again for keeping up with these girls as they grow up and settle in for the next century. Hope you last that long too.

Please don't be stingy and share these bits of Tiny Texas House Eye Candy with your friends. I guarantee they have not seen this set of pictures before.

The cost to build a tiny home varies, but using reclaimed materials helps the budget greatly. Cost varies greatly from a low of zero (if you can get all your materials donated or find free salvage) to $40,000 or more, but in general, the average tiny house on wheels will cost $20,000 to $25,000 in materials. Be sure to create a budget. Many folks do the carpentry work themselves but budget for hiring an electrician and plumber.

It's important to consider security during your build and even after you're living in it. You can make it difficult for a thief to tow away your tiny house by installing a hitch lock (Megahitch Lock Coupler Vault or TriMax Universal Unattended Coupler) or by using a wheel lock. GPS devices can help you track your house if it does get stolen. However, most require frequent charging of a battery and so will be useful only if you go to the build site frequently. Here's a helpful article with additional tips on securing your tiny house.

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