This Tiny Home is For Sale!

Most tiny homes enthusiasts don't know where to start. First, figure out what you want. Loft, full appliances, off grid, whatever. From there the trailer size, cost estimates, layouts, capabilities, etc will begin to fall into place. You might initially want something and then seeing the big picture change your mind. It's what I did and now the build had begun. With all that, you will still need to adapt on the fly. Good luck!

Or you can just buy one that is pre-existing and for sale like the one described below!

Sitting at the foot of Mount Rainier in Ashford, WA, sits this cute tiny cabin for sale. It boasts 224 square feet of living space, but the open floor plan makes it appear much larger. Currently it is for sale for $65,000.

The listing agent Cynthia Schemer says: “It is just cute as a button,”. From the gabled roof, to the sidewall shingle exterior, to the sage-green trim, and right down to the screen door, this small cabin in the woods is a bit of cute overload.

The Wall-to-wall wood planks really add to the rustic charm. A storage shed out back is included with the purchase. A large porch wraps around the cabin and there are decks in the front and back of the home, which really open it up to the great views.

This tiny cabin is situated on a 1.9-acre lot. The property also backs up to Nisqually River making it just a short walk to some great fishing spots.

Less than a two-hour drive from Seattle, is you’re looking for a tiny spot in Washington, this might be for you!

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