Tiny, Stylish -- Perfect living

There’s something to be said for symmetry. The pergola/trellis structure here matches the pitch and height of the adjacent structure perfectly. It looks great and provides a surprising amount of shade as well as a feeling of protection when sitting within.

The woodwork looks very nicely done and you’ll also notice another use of corrugated metal as exterior siding, this time horizontally. Don't be fooled into thinking tiny living has to be bottom end construction and devoid of all comfort and beauty.

While the 2015 IRC has eliminated the requirement for a house to have at least one room of 120 square feet or more, states will need to adopt the new code in order for it to be effective. In addition, the IRC still contains other minimum size specifications that prove challenging: rooms (except for bathrooms and kitchens) must be 70 square feet, ceiling height must be 7 feet, etc. (additional code discussion). Accordingly, while it is possible for a tiny house to meet building codes, a house built on a foundation on its own land is more likely to be small (more than 400 square feet) rather than tiny. In addition, a building permit will probably be required.

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