UFO Destroys Satellite to Send Warning

Is this Alien Spacecraft destroying our satellites? Speculation is that NASA blurred out the evidence from their images to further suppress the existence and ongoing visitation of UFO's and E.T. intelligence.

Per the Inquisitr --

Prolific UFO hunter Streetcap1 claims he has detected in a recent LASCO C3 photo, a massive UFO with an intricate articulated design near our sun.

The photograph was captured by the SOHO (Solar and Heliospheric Observatory) satellite in halo orbit around the Sun-Earth L1 gravitational balance point from where it transmits to Earth a continuous stream of near-real-time data about solar activity used to predict space weather in the vicinity of the sun.

The alleged massive UFO, about the size of the moon, has a complex articulated design suggestive of a sophisticated craft built by a very advanced extraterrestrial technological civilization.

Waring also tentatively links the latest sighting with a recent news report about a decommissioned U.S. spy satellite which exploded “after an unexplained spike in temperature.”

According to the Telegraph, the U.S. Air Force space command confirmed that the “catastrophic event came after a sudden spike in temperature was detected, followed by an unrecoverable loss of attitude control.”

The explosion caused more than 40 pieces of debris to scatter into orbit.

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