Unique 24x8 Tiny Home With Two Lofts and a Rooftop Deck!

This awesome tiny home features a rooftop deck with a climbing wall to access the top level. Two lofts and professional workmanship. We are a tiny house building company. We design and build houses on flat bed trailers. Our houses are fully customized to suit the wishes of our clients. Molecule Tiny Homes is a partnership and collaboration between builder/artist brothers-in-law Jason Dietz and Gabriel Williams. The undeniable message that we as a species need to be more forward thinking in how we use the resources of this planet is growing louder all the time. Tiny houses are a beautiful, efficient illustration of a choice to use and waste less. We believe that human happiness is not contingent on living in a large space, but in appreciating fully the space we do inhabit. We invite you to explore the liberating possibilities of devoting more of your time to enjoying life, and less to worrying about housing yourself.

The water supply is connected to the house with a garden hose style connection for ease and simplicity. Water can be supplied through an existing home’s water system, from a tank, well or cistern. This provides cold water to the house and the on-demand propane hot water heater. All plumbing fixtures are normal including the flush toilet. The drain/sewer for the house is via a 3” ABS pipe that can easily be connected to conventional sewer, septic, or RV style holding tank. The sinks and tub drains could also easily be separated from the main drain to utilize gray water systems.

The house is set up with it’s own service panel, and is fed through a 30 amp RV style plug. Basically you just plug it in to an adequate power supply. This could be from a house, or an off grid battery bank with inverter that is charged by solar, wind, conventional generator, or any combination of these. It can be thoroughly permanently mounted on the trailer, or it can be designed to unbolt and remove if desired. If kept attached to the trailer, which we recommend, once the house is set up in its permanent or semi-permanent location, a rigid skirt can be added to cover the wheels and crawl space for a more conventional look. We recommend placing the house on leveling jacks to level the living space, extend tire life, and give a very solid feel to the house.

If you're building/buying your own tiny house on wheels and plan on getting it registered as an RV with your state, then research the DMV regulations ahead of time. In most states, a self-built RV will need to be inspected before the DMV will issue a license plate. Have detailed plans drawn up and take photos at each step of building, so that you can show electrical and plumbing work without having to cut into the walls at the DMV! Some folks avoid this step by purchasing a flat bed trailer manufactured by a company that provides a Vehicle Identification Number. They register the trailer but then don't go the extra step of re-registering it as an RV when finished building the tiny house. This isn't strictly legal, as many states charge fees based on weight or re-sale value. If you're planning to live remotely off-grid, you might consider it, but if you want to stay in an RV park or obtain RV insurance, you'll want to make the extra effort and get your tiny house registered as an RV.

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