U.S. Marine Whistleblower Spent 17 years on Mars, Aware of Several E.T. Species

If you believe in any sort of Government coverups, this one might take the cake. A United States marine claims to have been stationed on THE PLANET MARS for seventeen years and has also claimed to have worked aboard an unnamed man made space ship that is part of a secret fleet. Not only does he claim we have bases on Mars staffed by military personnel, he also details mind control technology that is used to turn soldiers into cold blooded killing machines.

He has released a newsletter detailing some of these mind-blowing claims and additional details that should surprise anybody that has a mind toward any sort of Government coverups.

He also claims to be aware of several E.T. species that have been in contact with mankind for a very long time.

Per his personally released newsletter -

'To answer the question I often get asked about why it was a twenty year tour of duty: it was because we are VERY expensive. The 6 Million Dollar Man's got nothing on us! So, in order to get their investment back, we were signed up for 20 years. There could be other reasons, but that's what I know.'

Here is a list of his memory of the training manual that describes and categorizes what alien races are rated vs. humanity.

'My recollection from the EBE manual is a color-coded system with four categories in which all known species fall under:

Green is for "friendly" species

White is for "neutral/observer/non-interactive" species

Yellow is for "potentially hazardous/unpredictable/may result in death" species

Red is for "Hostile" species'

So this begs the question, how reliable can this guy be? Has a smear campaign already begun? Can EVERYBODY that makes sensational claims not be trusted?

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