You Won't Believe the Interior of this Tiny House!

Come across one of the many photos of the “tiny houses” circulating on blogs and Pinterest, and your first reaction will probably be how cute they are — itty, bitty, bite-size domiciles straight out of a fairy tale. Your second reaction, depending on who you are, is either: How do people fit in there? Or simply, why?

In a few other cities, “micro-housing” is close to sheltering populations of the chronically homeless. OM Build, a subsidiary of the economic-justice movement Occupy Madison, runs a workshop to construct 99-square-foot wood cabins on wheels in Wisconsin’s capital.

The layout of the inside of this is nice not so much the decor, I can appreciate it but it is not my style, I like that the social area is slightly raised and therefore made into a different space and this house does not look like it is on a super long trailer either which is nice. I am more fond of having dormers than I am of the shed roof. possibly more of a barn roof style to add space without sacrificing height. I like the windows all around and the kitchen layout is nice.

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