You'll Love This Tiny Kanga Cottage

The Kanga Kwik Room is our most affordable and quickest way to get a Kanga Room available on your property. All Kwik Rooms start as a shell. A shell is a fully dried in building. When installed, it is completely finished on the exterior. The interior is left with stud walls and plywood or OSB floor decking. Pine T&G ceiling cover with R19 roof insulation is included in the shell price. Kanga Room Systems, Inc., is North America’s premier designer and manufacturer of revolutionary, high quality, prefabricated wood product kits for stand-alone outdoor rooms and accessory structures used for home, ranch, business, and industrial sites. We feature a variety of cabins, sheds, studios, add-on rooms, storage, and children's playhouses, and playrooms available as build-it-yourself prefabricated kits or we'll assemble it for you with our premium installation services.

Home or Business…As our lives change, our need for living space, storage space, office space and play space also changes. Most of the time, we need “just one more room,” additional space for a guest, a project, or storage. Many times, we wish for a space of our own, our own office, our own art studio…a reading room…a special getaway. Is your business is rapidly expanding or responding to change? If it is, the last thing you want to worry about is having sufficient office space. Is your family expanding and you need just a little more space in your home? The design experts at Kanga Room Systems can meet any need in any condition, from a peaceful backyard to a booming industrial site. Whether you need one Kanga Room or many, we can find a solution that will work for you.

The pictured kit comes with the following..

Stone and Skid Foundation

•2x4 Construction on 16" centers

•2x6 Rafters w/ 7/16" OSB Roof Decking

•2x6 Floor System with OSB or plywood decking

•R19 Roof Insulation

•Pine T&G Ceiling Cover w/ Clear Coat

•8" Hardie Lap Siding (painted color of choice)

•36" Steel Door Cottage style w/ 4-lite glass

•Two 24" x 48" windows on front

•One Gable window on front

•8" Galvalume Flashing

•R-Panel Metal Roof

•Skirting (up to 2')

•3' Wide Stairs to Door (5' wide for French Doors)

•Installation (only within state of Texas)

•Does not include any fees associated with permits

This increase in popularity of tiny houses, and particularly the rapid increase in the number of both amateur and professional builders, has led to concerns regarding safety among tiny house professionals. In 2013, an Alliance of tiny house builders was formed to promote ethical business practices and offer guidelines for construction of tiny houses on wheels. This effort was carried on in 2015 by the American Tiny House Association. In 2015, the nonprofit American Tiny House Association was formed to promote the tiny house as a viable, formally acceptable dwelling option and to work with local government agencies to discuss zoning and coding regulations that can reduce the obstacles to tiny living.

One of the biggest obstacles to growth of the tiny house movement is the difficulty in finding a place to live in one. Zoning regulations typically specify minimum square footage for new construction on a foundation, and for tiny houses on wheels, parking on one's own land may be prohibited by local regulations against "camping." In addition, RV parks do not always welcome tiny houses. DIYers may be turned away, as many RV parks require RVs be manufactured by a member of the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association "(RVIA)".

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