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Many people think going tiny is a strangling way to lose all your earthly possessions and consolidate your life into a shoe box. Well assuming storage for your things on or offsite you can have both, your dearest items AND your financial freedom. We understand how you feel, and many people have felt the same way -- but the ones who took the plunge have found that there is more freedom than ever in a tiny home. Who doesn't want to travel more often? Visit loved ones more often? Have more money for the things that are important in your life?

Brittany on Living Tiny: Simply put: my husband and I will be totally debt free (that includes, house, car, school loans, ALL DEBT) in December of this year. So my goal of debt free by age 30 will be reached. This is incredibly freeing! And I know the rewards of tiny living are going to show up even more. We have been putting the money we would be spending on rent or a mortgage into our debt. Also, we get to travel. It’s no problem to up and leave our home. On a day to day basis the rewards of this lifestyle change has been: I love all of my outfits in my closet. It takes less time to get ready. I never loose my keys ( this use to be a daily thing for me). Everything has its place. We spend more time outside and being active. We also spend more time in our community. Personally, this lifestyle change has done the opposite of what my fears were it would bring. I had feared I would feel trapped but I in fact now feel FREE.

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